Precision Machining

As a leading ultra-precision manufacturer, we promote fair and honest pricing, open communication, and customer-driven solutions. We strive to implement best-cost manufacturing while providing innovative industrial and design engineering. We are a true one-stop-shop for high precision components. Our skilled technicians can work from established design drawings, or we can employ reverse engineering to product for just about any kind of part, component or assembly required.

We have the resources and expertise to accommodate your needs. We offer a wide range from aluminum to exotic high-temperature alloys and have the cutting tools to get the job done right with the material you select. We maintain at least three shifts and operate Monday through Sunday.


Our engineering team will work with you to perfect your designs for optimum performance and better manufacturability, a process that will, in turn, save you time and money in the production process. From super-efficient subsonic jetliners to a trans-atmospheric aircraft that can fly into orbit, our engineers work with new technologies in commercial aviation, defense systems, and space exploration.

We utilize the latest version of both SolidWorks and Mastercam for our Engineering and NC Control programs. We have 2, 5 and 7 Axis Turning capabilities with Live tooling and 3, 4 and 5 Axis Milling capabilities with full 3D toolpath generation and modeling.

Genuine Machine’s experienced engineers have specialized capabilities in:

  • Build To Print (B2P)
  • New Product Integration (NPI)
  • Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)
  • Design Assist (DA)
  • The Latest Software, Manufacturing Practices
  • L.E.A.N. initiatives and investments in capital equipment
  • Offering options to lower cost and improve manufacturability
  • Fostering a Kaizen Culture

  • Manufacturing depends on reliable precision, flexibility, and speed. From parent companies and suppliers to defense contractors and MRO businesses, everyone involved requires CAD/CAM software that can live up to the increasing demands of the industry. Mastercam delivers a powerful set of focused tool paths and design tools to global firms ranging from Fortune 500 aerospace corporations to small start-up engineering shops.

    In 5-Axis production systems the only thing between your CAM systems and the machine tools is a post-processor. However, most post-processors don’t account for the complex, non-linear motion unique to each and every machine. This leads to unpredictable tool motion, and large variations in cutting conditions leaving poor and inconsistent surface finish, gouging, increased tool wear and inaccurate results. CAMplete TruePath bridges the gap between all popular CAM systems and your milling machine. It provides everything needed to analyze, modify, optimize and simulate 5-Axis tool paths in an integrated 3D environment.


Here at Genuine Machine, we use a large inventory of machinery to manufacture the exact part that you need. We have a wide range of capabilities and work diligently with our customers to create exactly what they need. We pride ourselves in meeting customers required timelines and delivery schedules. Showcased below are some of the Lathe and Mill machines we use, along with other areas of our production such as Manual Machining, Deburr Area, Tool & Cutter Grind Room, Raw Material Storage and Shipping/Receiving.

Material Types:
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Inconel
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Haynes Stellite
  • Cobalt

  • Tungsten
  • Hasteloy
  • Nitric 60
  • Delrin (plastics & resins)
  • Castings & Forgings
  • and more....

Max Work Envelope:
  • Milling: 50" X 20" X 17"
  • Turning: 24" X 30"

We have the technical expertise to successfully manufacture product with a broad spectrum of material. From Aluminum to Exotic High-Temperature Alloys, we have the cutting tool knowledge to get the job done right.

Product Highlights

Our wide range of experience with exotic alloys means the job gets done right the first time. While machining aluminum does not present many challenges, maintaining precision tolerances on thin-walled parts requires proper planning and fixturing. Machining high-temperature alloys competitively requires staying on top of the latest developments in today’s rapidly changing cutting tool technologies. Utilizing 5-axis programming capabilities allows us to finish machine parts with a minimum of operations. Tooling and fixturing make the difference for those “tough-to-hold-onto” parts.


Genuine Machine has the capabilities to perform a vast array of mechanical assembly services.

Part Marking Capabilities Include:

  • Silk Screen
  • CO2 Laser
  • Ink Stamp
  • Two Part Epoxy

Installation of:

  • Helicoils & Inserts
  • Rivets & Nutplates
  • NAS / MS Hardware & Pins
  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Bushing & Bearing with interference fit

Horizontal Machining Centers

  • H Plus-300 PC11 / 4-Axis
  • H Plus-300 PC11 / 4-Axis
  • Mycenter-HX250iG / 4-Axis
  • Mycenter-HX250iG / 4-Axis
  • Mycenter-HX250iG / 4-Axis

Vertical Machining Centers

  • NVX 5100 / 4-Axis
  • NVX 5100 / 4-Axis
  • AV-760 /  4-Axis
  • AV-760 / 4-Axis
  • MAM72-35V / 5-Axis
  • MAM72-25V / 5-Axis
  • MC-600VF / 4-Axis
  • MC-600VF / 4-Axis
  • MC-600VF / 4-Axis
  • MC-600V / 4-Axis
  • MCV50 / 4-Axis
  • VF-4SS / 4-Axis
  • VF-4SS / 4-Axis
  • VF-4SS / 4-Axis
  • VNC 510C-II / 4-Axis
  • VNC 510C-II / 4-Axis
  • BM-1020 / 4-Axis
  • BM-850 / 4-Axis

Horizontal Turning Centers

  • CL200-BT / 2-Axis
  • CL200-BT / 2-Axis
  • NLX2500SY-700 / 7-Axis
  • NLX2500SY-700 / 7-Axis
  • NLX2500SY-700 / 7-Axis
  • QTS-200 / 2-Axis
  • QTS-250 / 2-Axis
  • NL3000/700 / 2-Axis
  • NL2000S MC/500 / 5-Axis
  • SC 300 / 2-Axis
  • SC 300 / 2-Axis
  • SC 300 / 2-Axis
  • TMC 400 / 2-Axis
  • TMC 300 / 2-Axis

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Manual Machining



As a manufacturer of aerospace parts, we are committed to meeting both customer and regulatory requirements, while continually improving our quality management system. We strive to maintain the highest level of commitment to our customers and understand that “Customer Satisfaction” is just not an idea, but a way of doing business.Among our wide array of honors, we have worked hard to achieve both ISO9001 and AS9100 certification, as well as the Honeywell- VMI Flex – Supplier Excellence Award in April 2019. We are committed to maintaining our certification status as well as maintaining our internal procedures to assure the highest level of quality and consistency within our manufactured hardware. Our quality systems and business practices are compliant with the latest requirements of both ISO9001 and AS9100.

Quality Assurance Controls

We use state of the art equipment and software available to support our Quality Management System. We monitor, analyze and improve our process-based manufacturing approach regularly by using:

  • CyberMetrics - GAGEtrak calibration management software
  • DISCUS - FAI & Blueprint ballooning software system
  • Brown & Sharp gage 2000 CMM
  • Starett HCG 2024 - 16 CMM
  • Starett HB350 Optical comparator 20X Lens W/Qudracheck 2000 readout
  • Multiple surface plates
  • TESA micro-hite DCC CMM w/PC-DMIS software (400mm (X) x 700mm (Y) x 400mm (Z) capacity
  • Hexagon Global S Chrome 121510 - DCC-CMM
  • Hexagon Global Advantage Silver - DCC-CMM